Nice Guys Finish Last

I find it amusing that girls keep saying they want a guy who’s sweet, nice and all that other stuff. Then you try to be that guy and girls don’t want that. They’re lying. Girls don’t know what they want. They want adventure and danger. They want crazy stuff. Nice guys don’t give them that stuff. They want to live on the edge and then when they’re want, they want the “nice” guy.

I’ve been in one relationship. No details here. Single. I just observe now.

I’m hollow. I don’t wear emotions on my sleeve. I like being a rubix cube. Makes me harder to figure out. Quiet. Maybe when someone figures me out, they’ll unlock some kind of prize.

What’s the point of being nice again? Programmed like that I guess. I can’t be mean. Tried it. Didn’t work.

There are days I think of my imaginary daughter. How she’ll grow up. Get a boyfriend and all that stuff. Then I shut that down because I’m don’t want my daughter screwing some guy unless she’s married. That’s old school thinking on my part.

I hate being a nice guy. I’m programmed that way. What a fricking curse.


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