I Don’t Dance

Not social. I don’t hate hanging out. I just prefer not to. It may seem odd but it’s a personality thing. People of my personality prefer not to hang out with a large group of people.

It could be a bad thing. Never liked club nights. Call me a party pooper but never understood the point of going to place which it’s crowded and loud music is played while alcohol gets served. Not my setting. That’s just me.

I’m a tall guy. I don’t dance. Never did. It’s not out of the question. But I don’t dance.

What’s the theme again? A look into one person’s insights and thoughts?

I’m guilty of sins. We all are. I fall into “Pride” and “Envy”. It’s something I try to work on everyday. Trying to humble and selfless.

The world changed on me and I didn’t notice. It’s dark. Cruel. It’s hard to not give a care in the world these days….


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