We’re always looking for answers.We’re of a curious nature. Everything has to be deciphered. Everything has to have it’s origin. How does everything tick.

Have you always wondered about your origin?  Science is constantly finding fascinating things about the world, including ourselves. We  as humans, made of carbon and DNA. It’s so specific. Some of us don’t look at it as specific as that. Some of us look to the heavens for our answers. We look up to our maker.

Is it heresy to doubt? To question the creator? Or is it simply natural curiosity? Sitting in a church pew, listening to a man in robes talk…. it seems a bit ridiculous…almost cult-like? I look through all that sometimes. This seems nothing more than the middle man…I just want a direct connection..

Is it really possible to remove oneself and just confirm that there is no existence of a creator? Is that possible? How can one look at the vast universe. the human body, the planet Earth and all the molecules and nature and chalk it all up to science?

The meaning of life…We’re looking for the origin when maybe it’s impossible to find. Like looking for the end of a bottomless pit or a black hole. We’re may be trying to understand something that our minds can’t comprehend. Something that is beyond our understanding. But yet, we try to understand. That is our nature.

We are flawed. Is it that our ancestors built religion as a means of control? A means of providing hope to a lost civilization. A civilization that was going in the wrong direction and only the ones who could understand could lead to the ones who didn’t to a wonderful life.

I can’t remember the last I had dreams. A synthetic drug messed my head up.

I have questions. I have so many thoughts. I have doubts. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes.

I’m trying to be perfect. I’m reaching for the impossible…


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