No Conflict

People of my personality don’t like arguing. Hate it. Totally waste of time. We like to be neutral. No conflict.

Being in a relationship brings out emotions. The restraint to remain calm is trying. Talking and resolving whatever issue is at hand is always the best. It hurts sometimes but it works out in the end.

Nobody wants to meet in the middle. Someone is right and everybody else is wrong. Maybe it’s because I never really wanted anything for myself…

Is that wrong? The fact that I don’t really want anything for myself but to see everything is split and fair than one side to get the majority of something? Is that a flaw? Or is that just stupid hope? Wishing for everything to be fair in an uneven world..

She once told me that I don’t like taking sides. She said I always try to look fix everything and not take a side.

On the fence? No. I’m at the steps to the door, waving to everybody and smiling. Hoping they smile back.

She was right. I didn’t argue. But I don’t like arguing.


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