I’ve changed in the ways I see things.

Every society has it’s taboo and I live in one which has many because of religious beliefs. It’s an interesting dynamic. Every one sees things different. It’s not until you devoid yourself and then begin to see things different.

I can’t tell you the countless personal stories I’ve read. Stories about the isolation. Ridicule. Being outcast. Depressed. Suicidal. For being different. For thinking different.

It was weird at first to think someone who was the same gender could be different. What’s the reasoning for the difference? I’m a logical human being. I try to find reason. Genes? Hormone imbalance? Other reasons?

You can’t explain human thought and emotion. You can’t.

I’ve cried reading those personal stories. I’ve cried for the confused youth. I’ve cried for the isolated ones. The depressed ones. The bullied ones. The suicidal ones.

Why would God create someone like that just for them to go through pain? Is it a test? Are we being tested on our love for each other? Are we failing? God won’t answer me….

Evolution is an ongoing process in so many ways. Some chose not to evolve. I’ve tried. I feel half way there.

I’m still evolving. I’m in the process of seeing things differently. I’m the process of looking at things from different angles. I’m for acceptance.

I cried writing this. I’ve cried for the lonely. The ones who tried to fit it but couldn’t live a lie that society forced them to live.

Many don’t agree. It’s still taboo. It’s blasphemous. I can’t lie when I say there are times I’ve tried to be free from religion. Be free from the church. For shunning a segment of people for being different. That’s blasphemous.

I accept you for who you are. I’ve suspended my own beliefs.

I’m still waiting on God for an answer. Maybe he’ll answer at the end of the test…. I hope I pass.

I’m human. So are you. I accept you for who you are.

I keep praying others evolve and accept you as well.


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