I want to have a daughter.

It’s probably still common in some places that guys always want to have sons. I want a girl. Sounds weird? Just me.

We still live in a world that treats women like pieces of shit. It’s all over the place. It’s embarrassing that we haven’t been able to progress to the point that we see women as more equal. And seriously, fuck that Bible shit that women are supposed to serve their man or whatever. It’s ancient. Times have changed.

She said I’m not like the other guys. What exactly have the “other” guys been saying or doing? Did I miss the meeting of guys all agreeing that we need to treat girls a certain way?

Or maybe, it’s her fault. For picking the guys who were actually assholes but because she was so caught up in feelings, she ignored the warning signs. Or maybe guys are evil. I don’t know.

Kind of goes back to the whole “nice guy” thing I wrote earlier. Funny.

Who do girls look up to these days? It has to be a thin list right? Society has done a great job promoting the image of women (This is sarcasm).

I think it’s a low esteem problem. I told her she was beautiful and she was being too negative. It helped in the short run.

I swear I was born in another universe with my thinking. Or maybe I haven’t met people who think like me yet.

Too much thoughts…Have to get back to you later…


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