I’m sorry if this hurts your feelings.

Nobody cares about what you think and what you feel. I’m tired of listening to people say they get hurt by “words”. Do you know what hurts more than words? Bullets. People killed in the streets. Forgive me if I don’t care that your internal emotions were rubbed the wrong way by a subject that you find offensive. 

People are getting offended too easily. Especially people who live in the good societies. By good, I mean the ones where you wake up everyday and aren’t to walk outside and get stabbed or shot.

I just read a story about someone who was offended by a joke at a comedy club. First off, if the person had a personal experience with a joke, that’s fine but that doesn’t give the person any right to yell at the comedian.

I love Louie CK…..


Keyboards type fake feelings. Nobody cares what you write online. They pretend. Get a physical connection.

I’m tired about people being outraged because everybody else is doing the same. And it’s about some bullshit. Good God…..

Fuck you if you get offended in a comedy club.

People need to stop caring….

I did. Had to. 



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