No inspiration.

Just a blinking cursor in a white page. I hate that feeling. Trying to express thoughts into words but it feels like there is a dead connection. Like the power going out or internet service getting disrupted.

Days upon days of having thoughts bounce sporadically around my head. Trying to contain them. When I think I have a hold of one, the rest squatter and become lost. It’s like to trying to catch fish in water. Once you get one, the rest run away for fear of having the same fate.

I think I’m losing it sometimes. Low confidence. Lack of motivation. No passion.

What am I doing.

Looking for purpose. Maybe it’s a meaningless search because I may have already found it.

But it doesn’t feel like I’m at the point I want to be.

The journey continues


One thought on “Writing

  1. For me, those moments came when I start asking myself if I should do what I’m doing (writing), if I should continue spending hours on stories no one will ever read. I guess that from time to time we all need reinsurance that we are on the good path. Maybe you’re not where you were supposed to, but you’re in a road to that place. Maybe you lost yourself a little bit, just turn on the next intersection, but keep up your spirit. Believe in yourself and the words (or whatever you are waiting for) will come.

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