Bad Religion

It all feels like a test.

It all sounds like repetition.

I don’t know when it all changed. Sometimes I think I got corrupted. Like a virus infected my internal systems.

But logic can’t be corrupted. It’s all common sense.

It’s now a battle of internal morals versus logic.

My belief is not shaken but my vision is definitely different. I see everything different. My views have changed. I sometimes feel like I’m the only one who’s changed. Everybody else has the same view.

It all feels like a test.

A test of humanity. Can we throw aside our programmed opinions and just look at things with a different views?

I see hypocrisy. He stands at the top preaching morality but he’s also corrupted. I can’t respect that. It’s the future but his teachings are stuck in the past. I don’t see humility.

What am I to believe anymore…I’m conflicted.

I haven’t changed myself. I’m still the same. But it’s hard to keep this religion. Why must this religion barrier exist… It’s not helping.

It’s bad.



One thought on “Bad Religion

  1. I’m with ya– feeling exactly the same way. Hang in there, I’m not giving up yet, but working through it. Trying to do some deeper exploration of my denomination and also reading and talking to people who *don’t* believe, for a balanced perspective. Good luck on your journey.

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