No Love For Home

I don’t know what happened.

I think it might apathy acting like a virus, infecting all my senses and thinking.

Or maybe it’s just reality staring in my face.

Nothing seems to have changed. It’s all stagnant. It all looks worse. There seems to be lack of evolution. No one is adapting. No one seems to care. It all looks dire and lost.

What happened to what I called home?

It’s all corrupt. Everybody doing what it takes to make it to the next day. Everything is quietly collapsing. The environment is being polluted. Every action is reactive. No proactive plan is in place.

Maybe I’m naive for thinking it would change. 6 years gone and it’s not getting better.

I’m genuinely sad. The kids coming up aren’t going to be given the best future.

Shielded from everything. I’m seeing it all up close.

I hate the people who did this.

Selfish. Greedy.

Fuck them.

But I can’t help. I’m drowning in it. My health is deteriorating. My stress levels are up. My apathy is growing.

The environment is trying to change me. I don’t want to let it.


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