Good Kid In A Cruel World (Poem)

What if I’m not here tomorrow

Does that cause you pain and feel your heart with sorrow?

Will you mourn and cry out your tears

Or will you have to trace your memory back through the years

I thought I’d write this piece to express myself

I think the world’s abuse has finally destroyed my health

Will they come to see my deceased body in a wooden box

Or my burnt ashes be put in an urn and later tossed

Will my soul be saved and be lifted to the heavens

Will the deeds I’ve done on earth all contribute to heavenly blessings

Or will I be reincarnated into some other life

Married, 3 kids and a beautiful wife

How will my death come

Will I be stabbed and be lost to the cruel streets

Or be in my death bed, drained of life, covered with clean sheets

Death comes early for the good souls in the world

I ask why did God have to take away that young girl

Am I just wasting my time trying to be a good kid in a cruel world

Are we all the same, playing the Devil’s cruel game

But I’ve been so close to hugging the Grim Reaper

All night, having nightmares, temperature rising because of intense fevers

Infatuated with death when life keeps calling my name

Days go by and everything seems the same

Nowadays I can’t focus, can’t keep my lines straight

Church on my mind, but I can’t seem to find my faith

Trying to forgive those who hurt me, but can’t throw away the pain

I just want an extra life but this is not a video game

How do you experience happiness

Is it through family and friends or do I just look to a higher power

Living in a concrete jungle, can’t even stop to smell the flowers

Sweet kiss of death compared to the bitter struggles of life

Drop the weight of the earth, all these problems don’t have the worth

All I wanted was for you to say that you believed in me

I know I have potential, I know what you see in me

I’m blessed but cursed with hidden imperfections

Take me away from misery, slow death, lethal injections

Everyone is a ghost, they smile in my face with gladness

Conversations with myself, slowly slipping into madness

But I’m still sane, I don’t need you to save me

I’m happy she was around because she was the only one who said she loved me


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