I can feel the hardening process taking place. The more the environment seems to be changing for the worse, the more the shell hardens itself. It’s like a self defence mechanism.

It has perfected over the years. Naturally evolving over different situations. Protecting the host. Protection from being hurt but also preventing new experiences to happen. It has it’s good and it’s bad.

Of course, what someone doesn’t understand, the assumptions start. The whispers come through. The misunderstandings take place.

It’s something you get used to. It can be annoying.

Why not change the situation?

Because the shell is protecting it’s host. The shell failed to do it once and the outcome wasn’t pretty. The shell upgraded and became more formidable.

It’s not a feeling of being trapped but a feeling about uncertainty.

Trust is an issue. Trust is a key which can open up the shell for the host to have more experiences.

But the host has lost the faith for trust.

The world is cruel. The world is naturally selfish. He can’t change it. He could try but the resistance to change is strong.

The host can’t live in the cruel world anymore. It’s too painful.

The shell is he needs. It’s familiar. It doesn’t pass judgement. It doesn’t make assumptions.

It’s the only thing that the host can trust.


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