Collateral Damage

It happens.

Something goes off and people in close proximity get hit. It can be damaging for them even those you never meant to take any damage.

It can be hurtful. Some people’s wounds are worse than others.

Things were shaky before but now it looks like it’s falling apart. You can take some many hits, endure so much pain, take in less sleep before you eventually break down and try to quit.

“Quitting is for losers”

Quitting is done by people with lack of motivation. It’s done because all the paths they tried to proceed were blocked. Quitting is done because the pain becomes unbearable.

The point of literally breaking your own back for someone has come and gone. It’s not worth it. The pain is not worth it.

I caused collateral damage once. The pain of the people I hurt made re-think.

I’ve been in the full range blast of collateral damage numerous times. Everytime, it made retreat further back into my shell.

It’s still a cruel world and it doesn’t want to change.

Everything happens for a reason….

No. Things happen because people make it happen. Every action has it’s own consequence. You choose the path knowing the consequence. If you’re not sure of the consequence of the path you’re taking, you better calculate that risk before moving on.

It’s all gone to shit.

I can’t save anything. Grasping to the last remaining sanity.

The pain is too much to continue.

Damages take their toll. I’m in need of deep repair.


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