Hands behind the wheel. Normal day. Driving along, not really knowing where I’m going.

Bystander waves for me to stop. I don’t initially recognize the person. It is an old “friend”. The dream memory is fuzzy. Can’t remember the face. But it’s a “friend”.

He’s lost. Pulls out a map? Asking for directions for somewhere he has to be. I get out to help. Try to pinpoint the place he’s looking for on his map(?). Can’t really figure out where the location is. The area is not familiar to me.

Regardless, thanks me for my help. No problem. I turn back to my car.


I turn back to my “friend”.


What is going on?

I see my car speed off.

I attempt a chase. But after a while, I see it’s futile. It’s going to quick for me to catch up.

Call for help? No one around to notice.


1. My “friend” conned me and stole my car.

2. Maybe he didn’t exist and someone quickly realized a car was ripe for stealing.

Dream over.

Is it an epiphany or a warning? A warning not to trust people. Even a “friend”.


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