The piece comes unraveling…..

It’s finally come to this. It doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Stuck in a bubble. My own decisions cannot be made because they rely on the decision on others.

Everything has been calculated. Scenarios have been simulated. The end results are not what I’m looking for. It’s not what I want.

“It’s for your own good…”

But I want to make mistakes. I want to see if the perfectly calculated plan I manufactured has flaws. What holes has it have?

What’s the point of all this planning if I can’t see how it works.

That’s why this bubble exists…. for my protection….for “my own good”..

Retreated back into the shell. Cards are close to the chest. Trust is not given. It’s earned. No one has been worthy of it.

My perfection is still intact. But it’s at the expense of my inner self.

It’s all a matter of time before the pain is unbearable.

The machines are my only friends. But they don’t respond.

I control them. But I’m losing the control to what I want.

Life is generic.


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