Voices In My Head

My split personality is a not a fan of my psychiatrist
He mumbles and mutters
as she scribbles in her prescription pad
A solution to remove the voices in my head
Who all disapprove, voicing displeasure
But their loud echoes reduce to whispers
As I consume this oval composition of chemicals
With names I cannot pronounce
These pills take away suicidal tendencies
And social anxieties
Making me dream of colors I can taste
But taking away emotions that make me feel human
The voices in my head
Gagged, with no chance to speak
Pushed to the darkest of places
Where they are confined like prisoners
As I wear this mask of normalcy on the outside
Wearing smiles I do not recognize in the mirror
Hiding my guilt
Hiding my shame
Retracting emotions to conceal the pain
Then I hear a voice in my head, speak out in desperation
Asking a question, which I find so profound
Asking me, are you happy now….

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