Black Nail Polish

I remember her black nail polish
Black as the hole which used to occupy my heart
Her lipstick was crimson red
We met on a lonely night
Under the light of a full moon
I was attracted to her aura
Or was it lust taking over my senses
She hypnotized me with hazel eyes
Eyes which made other females green with envy
She escorted me back to her domain
Like a predator leading back its prey
She was Christian with her red heeled shoes
Whispering for me to do devilish things
Seducing me with ease
Running my hands on her back
Over her phoenix tattoo which lay etched in skin
She dictated the terms of our fornication
Taking control like a general in a battlefield
As we reached the peak of our sexual journey
She sunk her teeth into my neck
Drawing out blood deeper than the color of her lipstick
The world slowly faded
I allowed the darkness to take over
Then I awoke to reality
In my bed lay a female who bares my last name
I let the dream of my fantasy girl with black nail polish
slowly fade away like a bad memory
Trying to go back to sleep
Pushing away memories and dreams of past infidelities


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