I feel like I deserve better
I like like the world takes me for granted
Waiting for me to lie in my grave
before they throw accolades on my coffin
I feel like taking over the world
Dominating it with logic and science
And casting religion to the wayside like an ungrateful passenger
I feel like I want to have a daughter
And give her everything life deserves
Protecting her from stereotypes and misogyny
And telling her daddy is proud of whatever she does
I feel like God is disappointed with us
Looking down and wondering if he made mistakes
I feel like no one prays for me
Like I’m a distant memory
Buried in pages of ancient books
A footnote lost in time
I feel like jumping off the edge
Hoping to float quietly to the earth and be swallowed up by nature
I feel like cussing out past girlfriends for not understanding me
And Judging me for being broken and dysfunctional
I feel like sometimes it was my fault for being this way
I feel like taking a leap of faith
And telling my crush that she inspires me from a distance
But I feel like she won’t respond to my advances
I feel like this blade did not do enough damage to my wrist
I feel like a robot
Filled with 1s and 0s
Head filled with logic with no space for emotions to evolve
I feel like you some days
Some days, I feel nothing at all


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