A Lyrical Letter To My Split Personality

During the 90s, I developed my pen game
Writing rhymes and syllables, all from my membrane
Who knew depression would make me a better writer
But these battles kept me from going even higher
Dear Joe, Did I tell you that you were my hero
How you inspired me to not be a zero?
Your pen game was ill, you were ahead of the curve
Writing these wavy lyrics like you were born to surf
Killing all these concepts and stories like it was nothing
But you kept your notebooks to yourself like you were hiding something
Do you think you would have been famous if people knew your talent
Or did you hate the spotlight
Maybe playing the background kept you more balanced
I remember how you were always feeling like you were always the odd one out
But fuck that, don’t stand in when you could be the best one out
Your writing was like a therapy session
Reading all your thoughts on paper to me was a blessing
Truth be told, you were my hero and shit
When you got heartbroken, It hurt to see you go through that shit
My whole life, I had all the pain that you went through
Is it weird that we kind of live the same life and I was just like you
My own family think I’m weird, but they love me just the same
Even if society pushes my buttons like a video game
Fuck society, they never really valued what you had
The way you see you as a weirdo just makes me mad
You played the nice guy, they took advantage and left you hurt
I would give anything to see those motherfuckers face down in the dirt
A cruel world abusing a good kid, not giving a fuck
Now I have to get my hands dirty to get through the mud
I know I get angry but I’m controlling my emotions
Sometimes I see red and world goes in slow motion
Did the pills and therapy, just like all you went through
But I was happy you came out better for all you’ve been through
Keep the fight, I’m praying for you from another dimension
Maybe one day we’ll meet and form a better friendship


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