When the needle hit the skin
It was like I was stung by a hot pin
The ink made its way into my body
following a path outlined by the artist
Anxiety came up, asking if this was a bad decision
Questioning my actions like a disappointed mother
The needle continued its journey
My body forcing to relax as it tried to accept this willful torture
Out of my comfort zone
Making decisions out of feelings and dismissing logic
I needed a symbol to remind me of constant struggle
Something to make permanent
A statement that I had lived this far and not given up
Because I have been searching for purpose in a clueless realm
Searching for peace amidst chaos
Looking for love with a full heart
But now I am lost and misunderstood
So when the ink dries off and my body readjusts
I can look at that permanent mark to remind me
that in the end
I’m just a human being searching for serenity


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