The Reaping

I hear the sirens in the distance
Their echoing songs play
Makes you wonder how many souls died today
On the corner stands another place of worship
Men of God reciting their daily script
When the end comes, where will they stand
Because the Reaping is coming to GH land

Black smoke hangs in the sky
The sun turning everything to haze
Past glory, this place has seen better days
The insects feast on the filth in the streets
But the people are proud, of their so called peace
Hypocrisy is full to the brim, drink as much as you can
Because the reaping is coming to Gh land

I don’t love this country,I can’t stand the scene
The people frown in frustration, masking their silent screams
Crabs in a bucket, they pull you down to their level
Saints with rusted halos, I’ve seen more honesty from the devil
Everyman for himself, prepare as much as you can
The reaping is coming to GH land

It will start in the places, where you think you’re safe
But I advice you to flee this place
Envy in their eyes, they will come for what’s yours
Not caring about the blood they spill on the floor
Prepare for the heartbreak, Prepare for the onslaught
The Reaping is coming to Ghana
Whether you like it or not


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