The Reaping

I hear the sirens in the distance
Their echoing songs play
Makes you wonder how many souls died today
On the corner stands another place of worship
Men of God reciting their daily script
When the end comes, where will they stand
Because the Reaping is coming to GH land

Black smoke hangs in the sky
The sun turning everything to haze
Past glory, this place has seen better days
The insects feast on the filth in the streets
But the people are proud, of their so called peace
Hypocrisy is full to the brim, drink as much as you can
Because the reaping is coming to Gh land

I don’t love this country,I can’t stand the scene
The people frown in frustration, masking their silent screams
Crabs in a bucket, they pull you down to their level
Saints with rusted halos, I’ve seen more honesty from the devil
Everyman for himself, prepare as much as you can
The reaping is coming to GH land

It will start in the places, where you think you’re safe
But I advice you to flee this place
Envy in their eyes, they will come for what’s yours
Not caring about the blood they spill on the floor
Prepare for the heartbreak, Prepare for the onslaught
The Reaping is coming to Ghana
Whether you like it or not



I tried to write my unborn daughter a letter
A letter full of hope and admiration
But the inspiration dwindled like a failing candle
As the darkness flooded my perception
I tried to seek counselling from the people who to talk to God
They tried to charge me for their services
So I went directly to the source to air my grievances
Hand stretched out, waiting for rain in the dry desert
Harsh reality
I took the pain I acquired from this cruel world
And exposed it on A4 paper and laptops
In the form of written words and soliloquies
The tears came afterwards
The heavens remained silent
So was I cursed or blessed
When my unborn daughter entered my reality
In my arms, a symbol of pure innocence and joy
But I realised even my brain was the enemy
As I woke up in my bed, surrounded by emptiness


She tasted like bliss
Her skin was like nectar from rare bees
I could taste the lust on her lips
Quenching a thirst that seemed desperate for attention
Navigating her body
Picking parts to feast on and devour
Eating her forbidden fruit like a stowaway in the garden of Eden
Picking apart her brain
I wiped away painful memories from forgotten pasts
I consumed her heart, leaving her hollow and emotionless
A cannibal in the shadows
Seeking prey and desperate damsels
Looking for the next heart to feast
Trying to fill a void which only gets darker

Another Castle

Am I broken because I can’t say “I love you”?
Does my pursuit of knowledge hinder my emotions
Do you find it odd that I keep my emotions locked up
Like hidden treasure
Waiting for an adventurer with a magic key to unlock my emotional secrets
But will this hero only find a message in an empty chamber
The message saying “I’m sorry”
“But the love you are looking for is in an another castle”

Voices In My Head

My split personality is a not a fan of my psychiatrist
He mumbles and mutters
as she scribbles in her prescription pad
A solution to remove the voices in my head
Who all disapprove, voicing displeasure
But their loud echoes reduce to whispers
As I consume this oval composition of chemicals
With names I cannot pronounce
These pills take away suicidal tendencies
And social anxieties
Making me dream of colors I can taste
But taking away emotions that make me feel human
The voices in my head
Gagged, with no chance to speak
Pushed to the darkest of places
Where they are confined like prisoners
As I wear this mask of normalcy on the outside
Wearing smiles I do not recognize in the mirror
Hiding my guilt
Hiding my shame
Retracting emotions to conceal the pain
Then I hear a voice in my head, speak out in desperation
Asking a question, which I find so profound
Asking me, are you happy now….

Poem: Star Girl

She calls me friend
Confiding in me her secrets
About how she wishes to escape to the moon
To escape the perils of this life
To elope to foreign lands to explore
the unknown beauty of this planet
So I dream of building a spaceship
For our grand excursion
Ready to take flight like astronauts
Into the dark void of space and time
To explore planets of emotion and fear
But this couple’s retreat
Turns into a one way ticket
As daydreams float away like kites in the wind
My star girl is lost
Drifting away like star dust to another galaxy
A pilot with no co-pilot
Lost in deep space, searching for new realities

Poem: Just Friends

A broken relationship always ends with “Lets just be friends”
I read between the lines and extract the truth
Let’s just be friends
Let me just let you down easy
Like a dog that needs to be put down
Let’s just be friends
I don’t think you’re right for me
But I’ll keep you in my extended circle
and label you an acquaintance
Let’s just be friends
Let’s continue to communicate
Until you fade away like broken satellites, lost in space
Let’s just be friends
Let’s continue this charade
That maybe one day we’ll get back together
Even though you can’t fix broken hearts
with duct tape and glue
Let’s just be friends
Because you can’t give me the bitter pill
And allow me to taste the truth
That this relationship is over
And we will never feel the love we once felt
Allow me to taste the truth
That we’ll become strangers, lost in the void
Let’s just be friends
And when they ask for the conclusion
Making him yours forever
When they ask about our history
In the end I just tell them
We’re just friends